Joint Injections in Ocala, FL

If you are suffering from joint pain, joint injections may be the perfect solution. At Marion Pain Management Center, we offer join injections to men and women living in The Villages, Gainesville and Ocala, FL.

What is a Joint Injection?

Joint injections are a basic pain management technique that involve the injection of anesthetic and steroids into a particular joint.

What is a Joint Injection used to Treat?

Joint injections can be used to treat nearly any joint that is causing pain or discomfort. These treatments can be performed to relieve pain from an injury or chronic pain. They can also help to reduce swelling, improving your range of motion. Common areas for joint injections include the knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders.

How is a Joint Injection Performed?

The joint injection treatment will depend on the joint that is being treated. In some cases, a smaller injection will first be performed to numb the treatment area. Then, the main injection will be performed. This treatment is typically performed in less than 30 minutes.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Joint Injection?

The joint injection treatment typically provides instant relief of both pain and inflammation. These results may last anywhere from a few days to several months. During your initial appointment, Dr. Shetty will explain the type of results you can expect.

To learn more about the joint injection treatment or determine if you are a good candidate for this pain management technique, contact us today. Marion Pain Management Center welcomes patients from The Villages, Marion County, Ocala and the neighboring communities of Florida.