Prepare for Your Visit

Properly preparing for your visit can expedite the appointment process and make for a smooth start to your pain management care. Marion Pain Management Center looks forward to welcoming all patients from Gainesville, Ocala and Marion County, FL.

How Can I Prepare for My Visit?

One of the best ways you can prepare for your visit is to check out our patient forms online. This allows you to fill out all of the information we require before coming in for your appointment. Additionally, you may want to explore some of our common pain treatment and therapy options. Although we cannot predict which treatment will be best for you, familiarizing yourself with our services can be helpful for planning your treatment with Dr. Shetty.

Should I Bring Anything to My Initial Visit?

If you have printed out the required patient forms, you should bring these with you to your first visit. You may also want to bring any documentation that relates to your condition. If you are receiving care via workers comp, or are planning on using health insurance, it will be helpful to bring those materials, as well. We also recommend that you dress comfortably so you do not experience any unnecessary discomfort during your treatment.

If you are prepared for your first visit at Marion Pain Management Center, contact us today to schedule your appointment. We welcome patients from Ocala, Marion County, The Villages, and the neighboring communities of Florida.